Rail Training Facilities

Trainees working and learning on the tracks at North Weald

Training facilities at North Weald

Railway for Hire can provide the ideal training venue, suitable to many different training requirements. With its easy access from the M25, M11, London Tube and London Stansted Airport, its ideally placed for training and meetings.

As well as a dedicated training room, the railway can provide a closely controlled railway environment in which to provide initial or type training on a variety of aspects:

3rd and 4th rail demonstration areas available

  • Track Awareness / Personal Track Safety
  • Station platforms, a variety of lineside structures including bridge parapits
  • Both flat bottomed and bull-head rail types, with a variety of chair fixings; from key, spikes & Pandrols
  • A variety of switches and crossings in both rail types, to demonstrate different rail configurations
  • Both colour light and mechanical signalling
  • HW 1000, BR Mk2 Clamp lock, SGE HB and mechanically driven points all being commissioned
  • 3rd & 4th rail demonstration areas, allowing training of students in safe practices around electrified lines and their correct maintenance techniques. This rare extended facility includes both old and new equipment, from porcelain insulators right up to the newest adjustable fittings, all within a safe teaching environment, adjacent to a wideway and operational running lines.
  • Transport to / from the demonstration area can be provided, tailor made to the delivery schedule, or provide a demonstration train as part of the practical session.
  • On-site caterers situated in an ‘Anglia’ liveried Buffet Car with around 30 seats, this must be pre-booked.
A student under supervision is taught the correct method for drilling flat-bottom rail

A student under supervision is taught the correct method for drilling flat-bottom rail

EOR do not provide personnel training. We provide the infrastructure and facilities to industry partners, to enable them to have “real-world” railway environments to support the delivery of their courses.