Vehicle Testing and Demonstration

The milk van used during the LU150 London Underground anniversary event being transported to North Weald station.

Credit – Tim Shields, London Transport Museum Case Study – Vehicle Testing As part of the preparations for the London Underground 150 celebrations, London Transport Museum approached Railway for Hire for our assistance to undertake running-in tests of the 1896 Metropolitan milk van, on the closest private railway to the capital. Officials from LTM and LUL were present throughout the running in and testing, which enabled the awarding of the CTC so the van can be part of the LU150 celebrations

Case Study – RRV Testing and Training
Murphy Rail approached Railway for Hire when it required a test location for acceptance and performance testing of their new piling rig. We also hosted their staff who were gaining experience and certification on the use of the new rig prior to its use on the mainline network. Railway for Hire provided easy loading facilities, a dedicated area where the piling could be tested to different depths and distances by several operators, all within their own dedicated work-site and whole-day possessions. Railway for Hire also provided staff welfare facilities and hosted their clients’ visit to inspect the equipment in use before it went into use on the mainline.

Railway for Hire isn’t just about heritage equipment. We are ideally placed to assist with the testing and demonstration of your vehicle, services or equipment.

  • 6.5 miles of private railway, allowing private testing to occur off-network
  • Strategically placed as the closest private railway to London and M25, enabling demonstrations to key clients based in the South East and London, easily reached by Tube or from Stansted Airport.
  • Variety of flat bottomed and bull head rail, including switches and crossings in both rail types
  • Double slip and tandem points, and both A, B and C radius crossings
  • Both under and over bridges, many with ample gauge clearance
  • RA8 axle loading throughout, some bridges rated to RA10
  • Wide variety of gradients, from level through to 1 in 56, including a dead straight 2km at 1 in 60
  • Electrically lit inspection pit and covered maintenance facility
  • Extra long concrete unloading pad, allowing unloading in either direction, and under all weather conditions
  • Air braked locomotives and stock.
  • ETH equipped locomotive
  • Mk 1 and Mk2 coaches
  • Vehicles with a panoramic view of the track ahead (diesel railcars)
  • Connection with the LU central line (use subject to permits from LU)
A Road-Rail Vehicle (RRV) being used on our concrete pad for practising safe techniques in all weathers

The concrete pad makes demonstrating and practising safe RRV techniques easy in all weathers.